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Chemical Indicators colour change according to ISO 11140-1 + 3

Chemical indicators are subdivided into types according to the standard EN ISO 11140-1. Type 1 indicators are process indicators that can be put onto the package or container to check whether the goods have already been sterilized or not. These indicators have only a logistical function and give no information about the quality of the sterilization process. Type 2 indicators are usually a combination of an indicator and a process challenge device (indicator system). This indicator type, such as the Bowie-Dick Simulation Test, allows the evaluation of air removal and steam penetration in a steam sterilization process. Due to different functions of the indicator types, the corresponding requirements for the indicators and thus their test conditions are different.

We, as an independent test laboratory, use very complex, freely programmable sterilizers and resistometers in order to check the indicators according to the test conditions mentioned in the standard. In this way a professional evaluation of the chemical indicator and its conformity with the standards is ensured.