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Process challenge device – Type Test according to EN 867-5 (Hollow Load Test)

The standard hollow load type test is a 1.5 m PTFE tube connected to a closed PTFE capsule that can hold a biological indicator (spore strip). This type test is used to test the air removal and steam penetration characteristics in large sterilizers according to EN 285 and small type B sterilizers according to EN ISO 13060. This test is also commonly used as a routine monitoring system in combination with a chemical indicator.

PTFE is a soft material so that the PCD would quickly leak or otherwise malfunction during routine usage. The standard EN 867-5 offers a equivalence test to the original PTFE test. This ensures that a daily-use hollow load type test fulfils the same requirements on air removal and steam penetration characteristics as the PTFE PCD.

 We, as an independent test laboratory, use very complex, freely programmable sterilizers and resistometers in order to carry out comparison tests according to EN 867-5. In this way a professional evaluation of the alternative Hollow Load Type Test and its conformity with the standards is ensured.