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Steam Sterilization according to ISO 17665 / EN 285 / EN 13060

We offer a custom-made validation service according to ISO 17665 for your sterilization processes. This includes the measurement of physical sterilization process parameters and an additional proof of microbicidal effectiveness by use of spores of Geobacillus stearothermophilus

Our validations cover:

  • Measurement of temperature, pressure and time
  • Test for saturated steam conditions
  • Testing of dryness of load
  • Assessment of air removal from hollow devices
  • Review of documentation / routine monitoring

In hospitals and medical practices, we validate sterilization processes based on requirements stated by DIN EN 285 or DIN EN 13060 and recommendations of the DGKH covering a large variety of different load configurations by testing the worst-case configuration

Health care customers are asked to fill out the following questionnaire (PDF download) and return it via the enquiry button or by email.